Was fun for a while


After last strike events massive bug. Computer would refuse to make a movie while time was ticking away resulting in a defeat and having to pay 200 for a retry im done. It was fun at start but now it feels like there is no progress everything is so expensive and hard to reach. I simply dont have this huge amount of time or money to spend to keep up with the progress. Updates are great but there also a great many bugs and feels very much as pay to win or even pay to progress. 13 euros i spend are well earned i enjoyed the game for a while but this is where we part ways.


It really doesn’t matter how much you level, your going to be pitted against people around your level and it ends up where you win and lose 50% of the time. They higher team you get doesn’t mean you can win more in this game. My wife has been paying for green bucks along with VIP and is 2 levels higher but her team is still under mine because I get out more. Paying doesn’t win anything. You can level more dinos. You can have more dinos to play around with but it doesn’t help you win more or get higher dinos that much faster.

Most RPG games are like this. You level fast in the beginning but the higher you get the longer it takes to progress.

I will most likely go to free play as the weather cools and winter comes. Then maybe by spring, they will have new added content. Maybe they fix the glitches (ha, ha. (like that will happen)). I’ll be jumping back into my Playstation VR games here soon and this will be shelved.