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Was in dominator and didnt get sonosaurus

Yesterday the tournament was gonna end i was in dominator but when it ended i did not get the pack i contacted ludia about it no response yet but i went on facebook minutes ago and found also alot of ppl had the problem i hope ludia will give us the sono cause it sucks losing it due to a bug

We’re you in game when the tournament ended?

Because if so it’s a known bug, so just report it to ludia and they will send you the pack and unlock

But it will take about 3-4 days for you to get the pack.


no when it reached 0 i was in dom but i did not get it i also contacted them they havent responded yet

So you were in the game when the timer count went to ‘0’. You’ve already sent a ticket so just wait for it. As spino sri mentioned it’s a known bug.


alright thanks