Was it ever good?

Since i’ve only been playing since september, i’ve missed a lot in this game(from what i’ve heard). One of the things i hear a lot is how much momomimus has been nerfed. I dont even have one yet but i want to hear from you guys. Was monomimus ever good?

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Back in 1.4… ah, I remember now

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take procerathomimus and have it dodge 100% damage with evasive stance.


Very Good, it was 130 spees with so much Hp, don’t get me started with DMG, it was meta back then, now it’s a chick

Monomimus used to be…horrifically good. I hated it so much. In Sorna Marshes it would absolutely wreck house. All the top players ran it even.


“Oh I landed a dodge, yay, I won thanks to even 1 dodge” - 1.3 - 1.4, July - November 2018


OG dodge was loved and hated by everyone. Loved when it worked for you, hated when it worked for your opponent. It was one of the reasons i went after Indo and the smilodon line in the beginning. I would say bring it back, but not with CS being a thing.


It was a nightmare.

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When anything viable above 129 speed was hard to come by, monomimus was king. Very little stood up to it like stegodeus and indoraptor (if played right). Then it was slashed and slashed until it could not be slashed anymore


Take prorat make it so op that basically nothing could counter it and it dodge 100% of the time


Especially when it was 10 hp it went for ES stance and it dodge any damage you threw at it

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I missed the 1.7 monomimus, that good swap in dongle :pensive:.

It was king. It was the dude. It was invincible.

Lots of love and hate for that death ostrich in its prime. The real question is who here remembers raptor meta? Simpler times lol


NEVER give anything the Monimimus treatment… What Ludia did to that poor thing was cruel and unusual punishment. And on a creature that didn’t deserve it. Nobody was asking Ludia to Nerf her, and yet they did. Over. And over. And over…

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Why was it nerfed?

Well, the first time it got nerfed because it had a lot of health and really good attack. So they nerfed it’s health and made it a glass cannon. This was literally the next update after it was introduced. This wasn’t quite that big a deal, but you definitely needed to use evasive stance for it to survive now. Then they nerfed it again because it was getting a hybrid, Pterovexus. This essentially made it unusable, because it got a cut to its attack, if I remember correctly. I think I’m missing a nerf or two, but you get the idea. It got nerfed to kingdom come for virtually no reason.

Just remembered from reading the previous comments. It was its speed that got a nerf when it got its hybrid, not its attack. Although I think that took a hit eventually, too. Its speed getting nerfed was a huge deal because it no longer out sped a lot of its counters. This meant you absolutely had to open up with ES, or else your Monimimus was gone.

I think it happened around the time it got a hybrid AND Procerathomimus was born. Mono was slowed down to 127 and Procerathamimus now got its position as the quick bird.

I miss the way it was! I also had it on my team. :sleepy:

I only heard tales of how good it was. I was (luckily) still in the lower arenas at the time, I only encountered a few before the Great Monomimus Nerf™.

And that was enough.

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It was on many top teams! It’s similar to procerat, except with the coinflippy dodge that lets you take 0% damage.

The first official reasoning was that their were “gross miscalculations” between it and how easy its components were to acquire. So not only did they merf it… but they changed incubators and made gallimus rain for the incubator.

Thers were no reasons given for the next two nefs. But there were quite a few people refusing to drop it from their team. That nimber got smaller every patch their sad a nerf.