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Was just curious on your thoughts I'm sitting at 4773 with this team does it seem like I have a high trophy count for my dino lvls

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I can’t see the screenshot so I can’t help you out.

Might need to indicate your team’s boost levels as well.

sorry first post I’ve done still trying to figure things out

rinse and tryk are 6/6/6 utasinoraptor is 4/4/4 the rest are 5/5/5

rinex sorry

Seems abt right to me, my team avg is abt 25, highest 28 (thor), with a mix of 5/5/5 and 6/6/6 across the board. Barely clearing 5k trophies, sometimes even dipping below 5k.

ok you have an average team level 2 levels higher than mine and your highest level dino is 5 levels higher and I’m only 200 trophies behind

I’d say you were punching about 500 trophies above your weight. My team is better than yours and I can’t get past 4700.

Well done!

I went to 4800 done about 10 battles since and almost 4800 atm

and thank you

No problem! You must be a good battler.

Incidentally, how do you find Gemnititan working for you? I’ve not got one yet and that seems the biggest improvement you have over my team.

I think it is fine.

Matchmaking is not working properly and things are really difficult now.

In my case with a teorically worse team I was able to go up at 5300 and usually battling between 4990/5150.

This is my team at 4336. Looks like you’re doing something wrong if having 3lvl higher dinos and mostly uniques you are only 400 trophies higher :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s my team. Cant get past 4700 trophies. I’m not the best battler, but it’s rare that I make a proper fight losing howler. Evidence that the dinosaur rarity has an impact on matchmaking?

It is matchmaking.

Allegedly my team should be under 5000 near 4700 and as said before.

Matchmaking penalizes upgrading teams.

Before upgrading my Thor to 143 speed I kept easily on 5200. Now I’m struggling in 5000/5100

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I disagree. I keep my team balanced - with all dinos lvl 19 I was bouncing around 3300-3600. Upgraded half to lvl 20 and moved to 4000. Upgraded another two and got to 4300…
And all the time I get the same opponents… This was guy I’ve got at around 3.4k

Problem with current state of arena is that people with boosts can with a bit of luck get pretty high in ranks and that makes huge part of playerbase crowded in very few arenas.
From my experience you get opponents in range +/-200 throphies. If your on a winning streak you get higher ones if loosing you get worse… But I’d doesn’t matter since in the same range you have people with avg lvl 19 and lvl 22 ones.
Mid tier arenas should be spreaded more widely… But that still won’t help cause of people with one overboosted dino.
My point is - there are many connected issues with arena atm and there might not be single best solution. It will probably take couple patches and many changes to get that fixed

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The upgrade issue was quite real and many of us stated here in the forum.

That moment was when I dropped from 5300 to 4500 in barely 2 days.

What did I do?

I only kept in my team Tryko, Thor, DC and Purrutaurus. 4 remaining dinosaurs where level 1 to 5.

What happened? I somehow went up to 4900/5000 again.

And agree with your last part. Game still has many connected issues that prevent us from experiencing a good balance in the arena.

It’s confirmation bias at its best. I’ve had the same - dropped 450 in one day, but I’ve checked every opponent that whooped my butt - guess what… they all have been in my throphies range but with teams much stronger.
People bounce around couple hundred throphies. People have different skill level - like my wife which has like 2lvl lower dinos than me but doesn’t bother to do the math or plan best moves or predict opponents ones. And ther is a luck of draw… and overboosted one trick ponnies… confirmation bias will make you rage on MM - I did the same.
Let’s be honest, I’m to high in ranks - with my team I shouldn’t be over 4k. But I’m there and if I drop I won’t be mad… Still it doesn’t change the fact I’m feeling cheated by MM when I meet lvl 24 thor or lvl 26 rat