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Was only able to spend 100 boost to upgrade 1 tier on my creature. Is this correct?

I was only able to spend 100 boost to upgrade 1 tier on one of my creatures. Is this correct?
If that is correct, and I can only upgrade once a week, I have a year and a half supply of boost to spend. Now granted there are ways to get more upgrades a week, but this is problematic for many reasons.

  1. Since how much we apply a week is limited, this completely neutralizes any advantage somebody who was buying boost before, versus someone who will buy boost now.
  2. Variety is damaged,
  3. People are going to get slaughtered by AI teams for the first few months.
  4. Give me time, and I will find more reasons to complain about having some special currency and not being able to spend it.

Your doing something wrong there are already threads with max boosted dracos.

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Have you been able to upgrade a creature in more than 1 tier?

I havent upgraded anything yet… but there are clearly dinos out their with multiple boosts including a 15/15 draco.

Along with Ludia saying there are no limits to the amount of boosts we can apply in the qa they released yesterday.

Either your bugged or doing something wrong.

Yeah I was bugged. I can distribute my boost now.

Does anyone know what the calcs are based on? I had a ton of boosts previously, after the update i was left with almost nothing

All your boost was returned to you and then multiplied by 1.5