Was that a bug?


today I saw a wild Ankylosaurus spawn and I darted 99 DNA which allowed me to do two Ankyntrosaurus fusions.
She stood at 160/200.

Well I hit the fusion button and then I lost connection. The purple circle kept spinning for a while until a 70 popped out. I were so happy I filmed the creation of Ankyntro and wanted to do my second fuse but then I saw that 100 DNA of my Ankylo were gone.

I‘m not so angry right now cause I finally got that cute little tank. But I was wondering if someone else experienced this?

My guess is that somehow it counted two fusions, perhaps 50 and 20 or 30 and 40, but displayed it due to connection loss as a 70. So I‘m assuming it might be a visual bug?

I don‘t have a screenshot of the darted DNA because I did not see this coming but I just wanna know whether I did really lose my DNA or is it just a visual bug?

It happened something similar to mea, when fusing I think indoraptor, i though I got 50 but I saw that I used 2 tries