Was the emote strike reward meant to be the same as last week?

If so that’s disappointing.


Couldn’t care less to be frank.


yes it was and i am happy because i missed out on it last week

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@Ned @E.D was the emote strike reward supposed to be the same emote as last week’s?

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If so, I suggest the actual emote to be won should be displayed on the weekly calendar.

Otherwise, it is 100% waste of most players’ time and yet another cheap and easy way to kill morale…

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I didn’t even bother. Emotes are stupid and pointless. A total waste of time. I wish I could turn them off or trade them in for something useful like coins or cash.


Meh… I didn’t mind it… after all this was a great opportunity for those that missed it last week, remember the strike that had the Deinonychus badge? I missed the first strike trial but the second one was the exact same which also contained the Deinonychus badge so I was happy to have gotten a second chance of getting the Deinonychus badge since I missed the first chance.

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Hey everyone! Just want to let you all know that this a known problem that is being looked into.

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