Was the power of daily quests tempered with?

Usually I do not pay attention but today I noticed that the last node of rune quests jumped from 7200 to 7800. Was there any announcements about this adjustment? Or it is a glitch? @Marcus @Ned


I noticed it in the fish quest too - thought it was a bit odd. No chance for me to get that final node at that bp.

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I noticed something strange as well yesterday, I met a teamstrength of 5330 at stage 2 in whatever quest (gold, runes, fish, xp), so I decided to make screenshots of my most recent quest:






Seems a bit weird to me.

Sorry for the size of the photos, cannot help it.

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Stuck at Stage 2 again now:image


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The Fish-Quest starting 11:00 (GMT +1) went as usual.

Now 13:00 it is runes - started at 2000, went over to 1950 to 3170 and then 5330 - I do not manage the 7800 yet.

17:00 looks like this again :

Restarted device last night, restart the app about 5 times a day.

What is it, @Marcus @Ned? It has appeared after update.
Something wrong with daily quests

This is today’s Saturday scale quest. NOTICE, please, that this is #2 of 5, which is normally less than 2000 power, but this one is 5330, which is normally a DOUBLE SCALE quest, #4 of 5. Please fix it for the lower level players who need the single blue scales and can’t take this on! (The 2nd pic is just to confirm it WAS a 5330 quest. I had to play it twice, because I was expecting it to follow the typical pattern and initially used a 4800 power team, but had to try a second time with a much more powerful team once I realized why I died!



(Had to make an addendum to get the second pic to show up!)

Several members of my clan experienced the quests in the Fanghook event were out of order. The levels looked like the right difficulty, from the navigation board, but the battle was the wrong team. I experienced this in the rune quest today, Fanghook event still ongoing.

I happend to encounter the same problem , first tier of quest looks normal but second just tier just went up to 3000+ points , check pictures.Screenshot_20200223-214228 Screenshot_20200223-214208


Not related but, for the horde!

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All side quests seem to be out of order. I only have an issue with the ones changing every 4 hrs. Other also have the same in all other quests.

Usual troubleshooting has not helped for me to fix it.


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And this is stages 4

Sorry for the delay!

The team is currently investigating. We’ll share more when we have more info. Thank you!


It is obviously affecting all scale quests, but I also noticed this weird thing with 1st and 2nd stages of the random scales event we had last night. 1st stage had the requirements of the 2nd stage and 2nd stage had those of the first. Was the only odd thing in that event as far as I know. And it was 1 event only.

Please return these levels to previous normalcy as several mates from my alliance are affected, and those from Deltora (middle clan of FGA) are relatively new so they get hindered from doing what little should be within their power range.

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