Was there a migration? Dinos in unusual spots


just got a OURANOSAURUS in a local 2!!!


That thing normally spawns at local 2…
Check out this article:


u are definitely right its just the first one thats ever spawned at my house…good lookin for pointing me down the right path


I’m unfortunate that my home and work, 5 miles away happen to be in an L1 zone. I drive just into and out of an L3 and through an L4. I will grab a dinosaur or two on the way through and dart them at my ungodly long stop lights. I can dart 2 dinos in a fresh red light.

As I’m now getting to work toward some legendary’s, I’m not getting the component DNA that I need. The L2 zone starts just north of me a quarter mile and I’ve been spending time up in that area on my bike on the weekend. Getting to an L3 an L4 zone gets to be a long ride just the way the streets and roads are laid out.

Anyway, I hope for a migration once a month. I have certain zone dinos coming out of my ears. Based on where I see certain things, the zones appear to be about 2 square miles in size.