Was there a migration? I see Dimetrodon G2 in L4

Two of them spawned with the 3hr scent.
Edit: 3 dimetrodon g2 now.
Aaaand 4 now.
Is there a hybrid thing involving it? Monolorhino?

Monolorhino is this week’s Hybrid Pursuit.

theres a monolometrodon pursuit. i’m pretty sure.

I wish a migration would happen. But oh well, at least now people who need the rhino will get it later on.

if they can find any. lol. i have bad luck with hybrid pursuit epics.
as far as a migration goes, i would love to be able to stock up on l3 and l4 dna at some point.

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In the past I’ve had a lot of luck with brachi, diplo and smilodon or something, but that was probably because epic spawn rate was increased.

the last good hybrid pursuit i remember was dippy. got it to 20 and stockpiled 2k dna. that was something like 5+ level ups. i caught a lot of dippy then.