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Was there a minor migration?

Yesterday I saw an epic Mono in my zone, zone 1. Today I see another epic mono. Anyone else noticing anything different? I also see a Nasutoceratops which I assume might be the new hybrid pursuit.

Maybe, but monos also nest spawn a beauty salons. I would double check just to be sure. And yes, the nasuto is the next part of the hybrid pursuit.

I checked the nest spawns. It is all residential neighborhoods. And the other epic Mono I saw was in a different location in my neighborhood.

Rare Triceratops is a Sunday spawn isn’t it?

Nasuto is part of the hybrid pursuit.

I don’t think there’s been any migration.

Maybe I’m wrong then. I forgot about the daily spawns on rare Trice.

You quite often get nest spawns in residential areas if there is a small business registered there - mono is quite common; there could be someone there who offers massage, hairdressing or nail treatments.

Yesterday I found erlikosaurus gen 2 in zone 1 and today again.

Check Google Maps on that location. It might actually be a private beauty salon at someone’s house. I had that too in this street.

In the last update they buffed the nest spawns, there is a greater chance of them tham ever before… I noticed this with Dilophosaurus which didn’t use to spawn at all outside its area, but now it does spawn quite a lot (now that I don’t need it anymore :expressionless: )

I have several locations that will consistently spawn out of local creatures. Latest one is two drops, 100 meters apart in the middle of L4 that spawn Euoplocephalus consistently. I can get a Rare Draco at either spot.

Another location in L4 will spawn Diplocalus with the occasional Rare Dime. The Euo spots are vacant lots in a residential neighborhood, never was any building there. The Diplo spot is on a street corner in the same residential neighborhood.

Last update, they seriously ramped up the nests. I’m a college student. Before 1.10, that didn’t matter. But now, it’s like I have two spawn zones overlapping because Suchomimus, Spinosaurus, and Suchotator all spawn at schools and that’s the whole campus. Now they’re everywhere and I like it. :slight_smile:

That’s why I’ve been seeing Brachi and Draco g2 alot in gas stations. Gotcha.