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Was there an update to Acute Stun?

Because I’m really confused as to how my Grypolyth, with a 75% Resistance to Stun, gets stunned 4 times in one day thanks to Acute Stun!


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I don’t think was an update because I did this once with my dracoceratops on a brachiosaurus and it didn’t stun and I did that before 2.7


I know, I’m mostly just venting my frustration with this game’s…problematic RNG :rofl:


This shouldnt happen,just like CrAzY 360 No scope thor IC grypo stuns…grypo must get back it’s stun resistance

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RNG… RNG everywhere…


What’s the point of 100% if it can be resisted… 100% is 100%… So unless the dino has 100% resistance then it shouldn’t be able to resist 100%!

That’s not how math works…


The point of 100% is that is have a granted chance of stunning creatures when they do not resist stun, and if they don’t have 100% stun resistance, for example 75% stun resistance, acute stun will have a 25% chance of stunning.

That’s not what that means. The chances of a dino being stunned is now 2-fold: Acute Stun will stun a creature if they aren’t Immune or resistant to Stun. 100% chance means that it’s completely activated.

But if the creature is resistant to it, the chances of being stunned now depend on how high or low the resistance is. Once the stun is activated, the resistance will then either activate to counter the stun, or let the stun happen.

Being 75% resistant to a stun means that the creature will most likely not be stunned. Being 66% resistant gives less of a chance to make it out unaffected. So its really up to the opposing stats that decide on a stun nowadays.

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Then what’s the point of the 100% remark in acute stun if it’s going to work just the same as a 66% or 75%? And that is exactly how math works… If something has a 100% chance to work then it doesn’t fail, no matter the circumstances… If it has a 100% chance to stun and the other dino has a 67% chance to not be stunned that 67% chance doesn’t come into play… or atleast it shouldn’t…

Because it is still 100% guaranteed to stun any creature that DOESNT have a specific resistant element or immunity to stun. Your logic would make sense if every Dino had some kind of resistance to stun effects but they don’t.

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“this attack has a 100% chance to stun” basically means “this attack stuns” so the only percentage that you have to keep in mind is your opponent’s creature’s stun resistance (if it has it), “100%” was prolly written to point out the fact that this move doesn’t only work 75%/67% of the times like other moves.
Also if you’re idea is to make acute stun stun all the times then what’s the point of having a stun resistance?


acute stun is good when used correct, having a 100% stun wastes a turn, for ceramagnus you can get 2 rampages in a row like this, with dc legend you can stall to swap out, and you can double rampage with unique dc with acute stun too

Same happened earlier to me.