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Was Vexus nerf really needed?

I mean, who asked for that and why? He finally became viable in 2.0 with the end of immune meta, and was pretty much balanced, if not underpowered a bit. Anyways, he didn’t need a nerf. Please revert this back in 2.3, as it makes no sense at all now.


Totally agree. He was never one of the top tier creatures, and he was just starting to be viable.
Vexus was overlooked when they buffed the other cunning creatures in 2.1, and not stat buffed like many of the other previously immune creatures in 2.0. Yet they nerf it now

no, they ruined him

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And to think I was THIS close to unlocking the bugger. Shame…

Now what am I gonna do with my 160 pterovexus?

Yes. Because it was helping my opponents win and I refuse to learn to deal with it. Anything I dun use should be nerfed heavily so I dun have to deal with it.

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