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Wasn't there supposed to be a Swift Theropod Strike out there?

I don’t see any. Just the common (which I caught) and the rare (which is sparse and too far away).

It seems its missing. Can’t see any.

There must be something wrong with codes, as this is happening every week now and it wasn’t happening before.

And it’s not shown as “supposed to appear later on” based on this:
Seems more like the common would change to whatever the blue lid strike is called.

Wierd it popped up for me.

I saw a few tonight.

It’s there. It didn’t pop up with the rest of the events, a few hours late I think.

Still nowhere for me. All I see is the blue cap incu (which I just did) and the fully blue one (which I didn’t finish because it went out of range after first third of it).

That’s strange, it did appeared later than other events for me but it did appeared eventually. U better file a bug report.

If it appeared while I was sleeping, there is no way for me to check if it did or didn’t. I thought it would appear at the normal swap time. Sending bug reports seems to be pointless. The trophies are still at 0 in my friends list for 3 months after reporting said bug.

It was 24h strike, so should be there. Though I see that small 12h strike replaced scent strike for me. Luckily I did it soon after it appeared. Maybe its gone again or just extremely rare.

They should really look into codes, as something is seriously wrong, when apperance of new strikes removed still active ones.

EDIT: See 50 normal drops and there is no scent strike. Some are empty.

It has appeared. Only ONE in the whole neighborhood, and it’s waaaaaay out of reach, and expires in 2h.

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It showed up for me this morning.