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Wasted 30 HC speeding incubator

I just wasted 30 hard cash speeding up a 3hr incubator. All I got was 2 attack besides the other usual stuff.

So what’s with this thing about getting lots of boosts from incubators. It did not work for me.

you got 2 attack.

I might as well have waited 3 hrs for the 2 attack

Speeding up did zilch.

See you open 50 more incs and you get 100 boosts… thats how it works now if you wanna earn boosts faster then anyone else you need to atleast be willing to grind and spend.

get to work…

Speeding up allows you to open them quickly… speeding up incs allows you to open more incubators per day. Not get more boosts per incubator.

Finally someone said it. Forgive me but I thot speeding gave you more. From what I had been reading in the forum. Sigh. Stupid me.

I’m gonna kick myself till it aches.

The topics on this calculate that it’s cheaper to speed up your incs and get boosts instead of buying them. You’ll get more for less…

Crazy but true - plus all the DNA and coins

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I didn´t think about it that way. Well you might be right:

2000 HC = 100 boost of your choice
2000 HC = 67 incubators (3 hours) x 2 random boost = over 130 random boost + lots of DNA and coins

Well, I am really thankful, I am going to use HC for speeding up incubators after I read this thread!


Wasn’t me that figured it out, but certainly happy it helped you :wink: