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Wasted hard cash on scent of claws

Just like the title says, wasted my hard cash on the scent of claws. I did get 3 dracorex(rare) but every single dino that popped up was a stegosaurus and 1 apatosaurus not a single dino with claws. Don’t waste your hard cash on this junk scent capsule.


I’m actual after Draco rare and Stegosaurus so that sounds pretty great to me. I scored a Sino the last time I opened one (my scent was free though). These are meant to be cute dinos, the name is misleading but they never said you would get dinos with claws. it’s just a nice play on words considering it’s xmas time.
Better luck next time.


yea. its “scent of claws” aka “santa claus” puns. not related with anything with claws dino in that scent. if not defintiely u will see even veloci in there


I said the same thing but your a little harsh here. The name does imply the Dino’s will have big sharp scary claws. These Dino’s would be better served at Valentine’s Day.


If you check the spawn list of this scent…

There will be mostly Apato & Stego, with some CHARLIE, DELTA and Dracorex.
Also got Sinocera, BLUE or Brachio, but really rare.

Due to Stego is not so much common as pre ver.1.5, this scent is not a waste.


I used three scents and scored 2.5k dracorex from it.


Still cant believe that anyone voted for Charlie or Delta…I mean we all knew these would be dinos showing up for an event when we voted. Who would’ve voted for them? Ludia trying to pull a fast one on us…


The only reason I bought it was to put it in my collection, so I could have them as collectibles!

Wow guys. It specifically says it will draw creatures with claws. Learn to read guys. I get the play on words I’m not an idiot.


I didn’t read the spawn list associated with the scent. Unlike some of you I have a 9 to 5 and don’t have the time to be online all day and read every single thing Ludia posts. I was mislead and all everyone wants to do is act like they know more than anyone else. Sorry I had a gripe about something. Merry Christmas guys I hope you all get what you asked for. :pray:

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Because it takes so long to read up on something you’re gonna then have the time to hate about on a forum. working 10 hours a day and still got the 5mins to look stuff up. Right after the claws it says “and a few herbivors” those were the ones you got. I would be extremly happy about 3 Dracos.

Yeah I had 5 mins thanks for clearing that up. A few herbivores not the entire scent capsule.

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To clear this up for everyone I wasn’t griping about the name or the fact that I got 3 rares I was upset that I didn’t get anything with claws. I’m happy to see that this world is about tearing someone down instead of helping out, but go ahead feel better about yourself it’s really working.

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Pretty sure Dracorex has claws.

Actully says clawed dinos and a few herbivores

3 Dracorex sounds amazing to me! I personally only purchased it for the dracorex and stegosaurus is highly requested in my alliance so I grabbed those when they spawned as well. IMO it’s only worth it if you only need those 2 and even then, it’s a gamble.

Not sure what happened to my Halloween scents, was in hospital and hallucinating.


Ludia is just stealing our money. This is clearly a lie to get you to buy the scent. I now get the play on words but, it is a cheap tactic to get you to waste your money on Dino’s you don’t want. Ludia should be ashamed of themselves.

Dont be so cynical. You get these scents free from the 6 hour incubator and scent strike towers. I have actually bought a few (poss 5) to get the extra steggy and dracorex. True ludia has been tactful with puttin steggy in the parks but still i dont mind when im workin on mono and stegod. But for 200 hard cash aint shabby its the epic thats a ripoff ha

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Yeah I got loads to try for sino got all useless brachi and blue on the 1% chance an epic spawns better odds riding the bus for a dollar