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Wasting resources from events is extremely frustrating

Can anybody give any indication of whether there’s a fix planned to send extra resources to mail instead of wasting them (if the wood stack / fish basin are already full)

The two places I’ve ran into this are failed Valka training and after winning brawls when all the slots are full.

In my experience, only extra fish/wood from gauntlets, packs or seasonal statues goes to mail. All other fish/wood from titan training, journeys, explorations, brawls, defend Berk, collecting dragons or releasing dragons are lost. It’s all part of the game. Watch the status bar and only collect when you have the storage space.

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My experience is similar to that of Buzz.
I make sure to have a couple of high level dragons in training to be able to use any excess fish and I use wood to collect iron and in the defend Berk. I make sure to fill up my wood and fish piles to max before collecting card packs so that the extra wood and fish go into the gift boxes. When they come back from titan training, I don’t collect until I have enough space in the fish pile. Good luck!

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