Wat new DNA mix u like to see

Wat hybrid u like to see

A stegosaurus body unique or apex


Velociraptor + Utharaptor + Pyroraptor + Alloraptor = Apexraptor

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Paleo accurate versions of dinos and hybrids we have in game. I know this is a bit of a stretch since this is a Jurassic World World game, but it’d be so cool seeing some of Ludia’s concepts look like plausible real world creatures instead of beefed up monsters things.


I know quite a few people don’t like apex hybrids, and I myself am pretty mixed on them, but there’s one that I would love to see in the game more than any other apex. An Antarctovenator + Edaphocevia hybrid.

Edaphocevia has recently grown on me since I unlocked it, its coloring and design is great, and it has an interesting and versatile moveset. Combining all of this onto an already versatile creature with a great design would look amazing, especially combining Edaphocevia’s bright blue and green colors with Antarctovenator’s dark coloring. I’ve even given this hybrid the name Vindictavenator, meaning Vengeance Hunter, and and I’m currently drawing it as well. It’s not complete as of yet, but here’s what I currently have.


A ceratopsian would be nice as well, although I would love to see a stegosaur get some love


For sure. One of each would be nice. Monostegotops and stegodeus were as high as they got and then never a unique for either of them. Not then specifically but their species.

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Absolutely none…… for a while