Wat new hybrid u like to see

For me indo and stage together hybrid

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I’d love to see a new Rajasaurus hybrid or superhybrid. I know this isn’t desirable now because of the carnivore dominant meta but by personal interest I would love to see one.

JWA has two fantastic looking Rajasaurus hybrids, Rajakylosaurus (Rajasaurus + Ankylosaurus) and Diorajasaur (Rajakylosaurus + Tuojiangosaurus) :

JWA_PressKit_Rajakylosaurus (1)

JWA_PressKit_Diorajasaur (3)

Rajastega and potential Tuojiangosaurus S-DNA might possibly still give Dioraja a chance, but I shall not have any expectations lol.


I just want a new amphibian and reef hybrid


Nundago with raja sDna could be better


I do and I don’t at the same time. Because I see those two as one long time anticipated final episode of a well known series which is about to make its final appeareance on the screens for good.

I feel like if we have those, the end of this game will be near. Since there will be not much of a do, other than collecting the new creatures.

Upgrading Indoraptors to their max and in numbers is the upmost desire that every player have and I sense that the company tries to hold the cards off the table a bit much longer just for having the most outcome before doing so. Otherwise, why would they not implement such easy tasks into the game while every single dedicated player is craving for it for a long long while? They see, they know. They just don’t want it. For now.