Watch battles


There should be a way we could watch other people battle. It could be just any random battle that’s starting at the time. Maybe even allow us to rewatch our most recent battle so we can learn from our mistakes. I think it’s a neat idea when you have full incubators and don’t want to risk losing trophies. Allow us to view other battles going on.

Would love to spectate

Information is a weapon, so each of us are keeping our secrets!


Lol. Knowledge is weapon too


Tv jwa imo. 20 imos.


:wink: you even commented on it. lol


Sorry for all the suggestions - I would love the ability to spectate friendly battles or battles of folks on our friends list.


That would be cool!


i suggested this a while back. id love to be able to watch other players battle or even rewatch my old battles.


keep suggesting things. i like all the ideas.


Old man brain - totally forgot…


we’re on the same wave length tho.