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Watch Out “celebrate the Fourth of July with events and offers all week”

Um what? It’s September. We’ve celebrated the Fourth of July for 2 months now.

When I launched it said that that indominus and indoraptor now have sisters (yeah I know gen 2) but NOW would imply that they are released but my dinodex is still complete.

Whoever writes this stuff needs to proofread and have a proofreader. We learned this back in elementary school.


Lol, I saw this too. What the heck? :joy:


Yeah in patch notes they also said this…:

So can it be stunned or not?

They also once said Edmontoguanadon is the Legendary hybrid of 2 Hadrosaurs
Both these statements are untrue.


Apparently indo is also immune to stuns, but can be stunned, haha

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It’s beyond laughable now, it’s just pathetic incompetence.


I’d do the proofreading, heck I’d even do the article writing, since it used to be my former job. But not like Ludia would hire me.

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Is it just me, or are there getting to be way too many errors and mistakes lately? I mean I get it, mistakes happen, but I’ve never known a game to have this many in such a short time.