Watch out for malicious sites!


I have Norton installed & when I tried to get some free J.W.A. cash by clicking the AMC movie theater link, it stopped me cold saying it was a known malicious site. I will admit that some of the actions on that site might be innocently triggering the protections of my software, but the fact that it says it was a “known malicious site” usually means they’ve gotten feedback on it from various sources. This is the first & only time a warning has appeared when I’ve followed one of those free cash links so far.


I decided to “test” it & clicked the link again, but this time it took me to what appeared to be a bona fide AMC site with the associated click bait after. Even the URL was differdnt, so now I’m more concerned than ever & wonder if some goofy redirect code has gotten into some of them. I believe my hardware to be sound & virus free so I’m at a loss to explain how that other thing happened.


Yeah that’s why I don’t like using the free cash options. Because a lot of those things look pretty shady. Unfortunately JWA isn’t the only game that uses those free cash options, so I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon.


I also use Norton and I find them invaluable, it has completely eroded my trust in Appjoy however. I also hate the free gold surveys, I would rather just pay tbh.