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Watch out for the Koola-plague


If you guys needed any more evidence that @Hersh is the zero patient of the Koola-plague…

Look at this:

I haven’t seen Koolasuchus in months and now that I am in the same alliance as Hersh, this is the 4th mutant salamander in 2 weeks. :lizard::lizard::lizard::lizard:


God help us all. This will be an epidemic soon.


oh man… youve got a serious case of the koola’s







Yes Ludia, emojis are a complete sentence!! Can’t even send an emoji here without feeling hassled


Oh no… Oh nooooo…


Look!! It’s that new epic sauropod in the wild!! :sauropod: :smiley:


Nvm, just an Apato sitting on a Koola :pleading_face:


There’s a :poop: joke in here somewhere @Dinothesaurus-MadMax