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Watching ads not compatible with 24hr inc

Bug Description: Watched 3-4 ads to speed up a 24hr inc, but after the time was up, I couldn’t collect, nor could I activate a new 3hr inc. Once my daily ads count reset, I could then see there were 43 mins left on my 24hr, so I had to watch 2 MORE ads.

Area is was found in: N/A

How do you reproduce the bug: See above

How often does it happen: Only time I’ve seen it so far, wondering if anyone else has seen this.

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else? Can add if needbe

Thanks for reporting this - I’ve forward this to our developers so that they can take a closer look on their end.

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Having this same issue with a 3hr inc in the middle of the day; @John It seems to be hit or miss, sometimes I can queue the next inc just fine, but not always.