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Watching live battles?


I would like to watch battles of the top 50 ranked players. Maybe like when ever they battle, there’s a link you could use to see live battles? I haven’t seen anything like this yet.


Lol you just want to see me lose don’t you… jk :wink:

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I haven’t thought about recording our battles. We did had a lot of heart pounding close battles. Next season, I’ll start recording and upload to YT.


‘Just had lucky battle against #1 player.


Wtb tv jwa


Check out metahub for more YT links


@Legomin1314 What’s the exclusive for the last arena I have a ways to go yet.



I would like to get 1500 velociraptor DNA to unlock my first legendary the indominus rex by the way my name tag is Bagoyeejr#5343