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Watching video ads for DNA

Hey everyone. I asked this on the Facebook page but didn’t resolve anything. I did a search and didn’t find any solution either.

Anyway, I can view the video ads fine but I don’t get credited for watching it. For a free pvp battle I get the credit but not for the DNA. Anyone have any idea why it doesn’t give me the DNA? I can view it fine, it works for a battle credit, I have plenty of memory and rom space. Also I mainly get ads for the coin master game, if that helps any. Thanks.

ETA: I’m using Android 8.1 on a Moto G5+.

I can’t help with why they aren’t working for you, but they definitely work on my Android phone (Samsung S10, I believe it’s Android 9) including the Coin Master game (uggh, that always brings back bad memories of my experiences with that game… )

I had that problem at one time. I contacted Ludia and it was fixed. I have no idea what the issue was. I have an iPad.

Thank you both. I contacted Ludia so :crossed_fingers: hopefully they can fix it.