Water and Air dinosaurs


Recently I have been on a trip to the lakes, and while there, I had a idea, what about sea dinosaurs like Plesiosaurs??
Water places are completely empty and it would be cool to be able to catch one of those.
And then following that, what about Pterodactyl kind of dinosaurs?? They could be actually flying/moving around the map making them kind of a challenge to catch.
How about that??

Pterosaurses flying around the map!?

Actually the aren’t dinosaurs. Not all ancient creatures in this game (or Jurassic Park series) are dinosaurs.
They are just some other reptiles lived in Mesozoic.

But I agree they should be in this game. For example, Mosasaurus.


Well yeah, I a am a bit surprised actually that there’s no early mammals in the game as shown in the ad. Mammoth or sabertooth would be a nice addition as well.
And yes I know they didn’t coexist, same like T-Rex and Proceratus, but hey that’s Jurassic World and a game :wink: