Water and flying dinosaurs, people would love it


I know that there are probably some topics siniliar toto this one, I just want to remind developers that its really a good way to go.

So for the suggestion. My personal opinion and (as I saw) opinion of dozen of other people is to add water/sea dinosaurs and also flying ones :). I know we got the amphibians, which are cool too but its not enough.

People thrill for ones like plesiosaurus, plateosaurus abd so on, for me its definitely liopleurodon. Megalodon would be fine too if its not too off. And for flying ones the tops like pterodactyl, ornitocheirus or Diimorphodon.

How to do it to make game fair/stable?

For spawn:
Flying types can be everywhere as well as the normal ones until now.

Water/sea would spawn near any water on maps.

For hybrids:
just make hybrids with same class = water woth water, normal with normal, flying ones with flying ones. This is just to prevent visual fails like octoshark.

For arena visual/battle:
1st.option let any type(water,flying,normal) be against any type. Visualization would be easy with water plane around water type ones that would be half submerged in it.
2nd. Option divide types of fight to normal, water and I dont know voliere/flying arena. It would be interesting to see :slight_smile: but still I am up for option no1.

For catching with drones:
Flying types can again be gained the same way the normal ones are. But for the water types they would just have to stick with “fleeing” on water areas on maps so they wouldnt be running fron you on dry land. To compensate they could be really fast or they could dive in to water for little amount of time.
So I think thats all from me for today :slight_smile: I lobe the game already, but I need to let developers know :slight_smile:


As someone who lives by the sea, I wholeheartedly support this, lol! :grin:


Yes. Pterodactyls please…


Yes, exactly what I’vê mentioned before. they should add airy and water animals. The case is the cards during the fight, as such kind of animal should fight according to your class. There are some hybrids but is not every dinosaur.


I was thinking about megalodon lol


Adalberto you mean like what type of dinosaurs should be against each other in fights? Or did you talk about mixing dinos?


Kinda hard to put an aquatic one on land to fight a t rex don’t you think?


:+1: great idea!! Would love to see this!!


Not really, as I wrote before. The aquatic ones would be submerged.in ground and around the dinosaur would be plane that would look like a water. And since dinos are never coming in contact with each other visualy, its not a problem.


Good idea! I will go to the sea for a vacation. If you were living there, you’d have a chance to hunt them. it is better to be living creatures that can move on land and in water as living creatures. Since there is no water arena in the arenas, it is more logical that living things that can live on land can be found in the seas and coasts.(I use google translate so I can’t good write)


Ok checking with what dinos I have. Purrus, Diplos, and Sarcos all described as aquatic or live/hunt in water. But I’m seeing Sarcos and Diplos on hills… Beats me why they’re there. So we are kind of represented in the aquatic part isn’t it? Even Spino hunts fish at times.


The thing with the arena and water is really easy to solve as I wrote on top of this topic. You only need just a little adjustment of arena that would be there always when the water type would be present (nothing hard to do). I am mot sure if you mean it like sea dinosaurs should be foundable only near seas. That would kinda suck, since there are tons of people that lives in states without sea and I doubt they would be taking vacations for dinosaurs… Also dont forget the wifi availability/data consumption.


Yeah I know we got already amphibians which is nice, but people want more than just that :slight_smile: If you think of the number of possible sea dinosaurs that are not implemented yet its definitely good way for update/future expansion of this game.

  • Spinosaurus isnt amphibian and Baryonix as well, they were sometimes just hunting fish.


Water and flying dinosaurs? Get out.


I actually wouldnt mind seeing a flying reptile like a Tapejara or Quetzalcoatlus added


Why not? Looks like the most of the guys want it. In sorry that you dont like it


Right? :slight_smile: flying types would be really easy to add in to game


That would be a cool idea, they should do that


I think the same, ofc it should be done im a way that it wouldnt look ridiculous. But I think thats not a hard think to do.


I wondered why the flying weren’t in the game since the first day I started. I understand water creatures may look strange out of water, however regardless of that, adding the flying and sea dinos will certainly take this to the next level!