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Water-based creatures and saving distressed creatures



  • Water creatures will spawn in water as unknown submerged creatures and will be unveiled upon encountering them.

  • Distressed creatures can appear on the map and the player needs to help them or save them to earn a reward.

I’ve seen suggestions for Water-based spawns before. Many users have suggested water-based creatures spawning near or in water on the map, but personally, this seems a bit unfair for those that have no water anywhere near them on the map.

So I present my suggestion:
Distressed creatures.

This would be a new feature and would spawn a creature on the map that is in distress. This could be anything from a Darwinopterus trapped under a heavy branch, to a sick Triceratops GEN 2, to a water-based creature (like Mosasaurus or Ichthyosaurus) that has been beached and needs water (this would allow water-based creatures to spawn on land but in a different way).
Players need to save these creatures by means of a similar minigame to darting (or alternatively using a relevant item) and will earn DNA and perhaps other rewards based on how well they do. In certain instances, it may even be such that sometimes a bleeding and injured Iguanodon is being attacked by a Velociraptor and intervening could provide DNA from both creatures.

I believe that water-based creatures could also spawn in water, but will be submerged and unknown until the drone is launched, so as not to ruin the immersion of a massive Kronosaurus spawning in a swimming pool square on the world map. Keeping with this, the darting mini-game will show a full area of water instead of the map segment that is normally used.

In battle, water-based creatures could be kept afloat in a bubble or in some way by technology, so as to not separate them from other creatures.

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Personally I think marine reptiles need a separate aquarium arena rather than using the same as the dinosaurs and pterosaurs.


This makes sense in a game like Jurassic World: The Game where you own a park and can provide an aquarium.
But in Jurassic World: Alive, we’re just DPG members out in the world.


I really like this idea…would make the game fun for sure