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Water dinos?


Any one know where water dinos are found? I assume over by an ocean or a big lake but u really want a Plesiosaur or the infamous Mosasaur! Am I correct on the assumption


They do not exist in the game


yeah but maybe they will be implemented and the flying ones too. Would be nice.


How would you envision a mosasaurus fighting a velociraptor, out of curiosity?


Probably similar to Pokemon if they do it right. As long as they don’t implement the weaknesses they did in the last game; that was a nightmare.


Water and air dinos don’t exist but I’m sure they’ll be added later on… just hope they don’t put ice age animals like in the other game.


So… Floating? Hovering? Tail-slapping?

I dunno, there’s still a sense of realism, however much disbelief is suspended, that in the JP universe what we have right now could conceivably work, which I appreciate.

The way they do it in Pokemon would send it straight to the deep end of kids-cartoon-fantasy, which I would appreciate far, far less.


the game “jurassic park builder” has battles with acuatic dinos and “ice age” dinos too. I wish a similar mode too.


Not to be THAT guy but there are no aquatic dinosaurs. Animals like the mosaur are aquatic reptiles.


Marine reptiles like mosasaurs and plesiosaurs were clumsy on land. Big ones, like mosasaurus or liopleurodon would die pretty quickly out of water - their tremendous weight would literally crush them to death.

Flying reptiles like Pteranodon or quetzalcoatlus might work, as it’s been proven that they may have been a bit awkward on land, but could sort of “gallop”.

In all, it would be neat to see marine environment arenas or aerial arenas in-game, but something like that would take a while before it was released. We’re just going to have to wait and see.