Water/Flying "Dinosaurs"... Can you just



Can we just clear one thing up. There are no such thing as water and flying dinosaurs, not even in JP lore. Stop asking for them.

There’s flying reptiles, marine reptiles and amphibians. That’s it.


So all that you are mad about is mispelling? Calm down, its important if you get understood on what are you talking about.


Also… Uhh… Dinosaurs is pretty much the basis catch-all term that gets used. In the vast majority of natural history museums you’re going to find paradactyls in the dinosaur exhibit. If you really feel like petitioning is Smithsonian then we can have that conversation. However, until then, can we just add flying reptiles and swimming amphibians?

And I thought I was done with my mini-rant but i was wrong. You do realize that JP lore doesn’t currently cover capturing Dino’s and making them fight in areas right? Because this game is taking some stuff pretty liberally… I mean if the JP characters knew that they could just spend a couple hundred dollars and get almost every dinosaur for their park… I think they would try it. For some reason that scene got cut tho…


Huh. I thought this was gonna be a post about how people are asking for water/flying pokemo- er, dinosaurs, when graphically they would look absolutely ludicrous in combat no matter how you try to render it.

I’m disappointed it fell into pedantery. I would have agreed with the former premise: stop asking for Megalodon, people. There is simply no way to make it look anything other than ridiculous in a game like this!

P.S. the game is already loaded to the brim with non-dinosaurs such as the crocodilians and the synapsids.