Waterdeep Gratitude: legendary cards?

I do not understand this prize . It reads: best chance to find legendary cards:


But if you see the details… :



Here is the contents of my last one. Make of it what you will. Please note that you get better rewards the farther you are in explore mode. From my experience, you get a legendary from about 50% of those quest packs.

Here’s my last one from that pack. I see what you mean though since it doesn’t list any odds for the legendary

Maybe I need to explore further so the odds would appear? I am currently starting heartcoil deeps, maybe at this point the prob for legendary is just zero?

I don’t think this is correct. I believe that how far you are in explore mode only affects quantity of drops, not quality of drops. Since you can’t purchase those quest prizes directly or indirectly, the devs don’t really have a legal obligation to ensure those numbers displayed are accurate. Like I said, from personal experience the odds of getting a legendary from those packs had been 50%…I don’t have concrete numbers to back that up, though.
As a more experienced player, the best advice I can give you is to ignore the legendaries. If you grind challenges and participate in events, the other items will quickly out pace them. Just from playing naturally, I get on average one legendary a month. If I really pushed myself, I could get 5 a month but since it takes 102 legendaries to max a single character (1020!!! to max all the current characters) it just feels like a fruitless endeavor pursuing them.

Thanks for your response Koyote. Agree with you! Im not obsessed with legendaries… but having real odds would be great. I mean that shouldn’t be too hard to program it correctly :frowning:

Seems fixed:


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Any chest or pack has a chance to contain a Legendary card. That red pack just has the most cards, and thus the very best chance to have a Legendary!