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Wath's happen today

Sorry,today is impossibile Play from italy…i loose 10 game for connession…problem…

I’m sorry to hear about this, Jackviaggiante. If you’re connected to a WiFi connection, could you try forgetting the network on your device then re-adding it and see if that helps?

If you’re still having a connection problem, our support team would be glad to provide additional troubleshooting steps. Please contact them at and include your support key to help them locate your account faster. Thank you!

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@Jackviaggiante, the developer has recently acknowledged the ongoing server connectivity issues.

Unfortunately, the issue seems to be expanding as an increasing number of players continue to experience its wrath.

The following is a link to the recent announcement highlighting their efforts to resolve the issue.

I support the developer’s move to locate and resolve the issue. However, the suggested plans to implement additional features or modes prior to resolving this issue is lunacy.

hes not the only one. Myself and lots of others in our guild from multiple countries are reporting bad lag and connection in the game. I know people complain of the loading… issue and myself and the others reporting problems today are people who typically never have this problem so it seems like its something on your end.

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3 infinite loadings out of 20 battles yesterday.

Well my friends…in this morning…i loose 480 points for problem server ludia…now stop…for today …i don’ t playing…thank you ludia