Waves of good n bad rng

Random has many factors, and should not have a pattern for a specific player even if it has a bad seed. Only when generating large amount of numbers and the CPU is not doing anything else you could analyze the data and notice a pattern. Within a game when player activity isn’t based on regular timed intervals this should not occur.
But then again, I have no way of telling what kind of crappy implementation they have :slight_smile: Since the chat is so broken, anything could happen. But really, not being able to scroll in chat causes me so much frustration that I sometimes throw away my phone and stop playing. It’s a pretty serious bug.

Tbh I don’t know enough abt programming to add anything else that is useful, and don’t know as well what are the legal limits for a game developer in terms of gameplay control/manipulation. But what I do know is that such discussions kinda makes me feel better. Kinda like having a therapy session with your shrink, or doc. And which I think a lot of jwa players need lol

Well, there’s a lot of conjecture about RNG in general, including this idea of RNG seeds being at the root of patterns that users perceive as non-random. A lot of people think “seed theory” is nonsense, because regardless of the seed, the randomness will occur elsewhere, I still say seed theory has merit, because it all depends on how RNG is set up. Seeding in pseudorandom RNG systems can and does produce repeatable patterns, although it’s overwhelmingly likely that Ludia’s RNG is sophisticated enough to reduce the probability of patterns to nearly zero. Still, there’s a key supposition there, so it is possible.

I think this belongs in this thread!

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I think you just reached your dodge/evade threshold lol

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Yeah maybe we have a hidden weekly limit haha.

I’m betting the other player was raging hard because I have been in that situation and my gawd lol.

When I seen I got 3/4 glassy dinosaurs and they had a faster Utahsino I though I was losing for SURE!