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Way more access to coins please

there needs to be more access to coins for those players who can’t purchase coins to upgrade dinosaurs. it’s ridiculous how much you have to wait to get the right amount to level even one dinosaur. not everyone has the extra funds to do so.


They’re called Supply Drops. Green ones reward up to 7,500 coins every 12 hrs, while the normal ones reward up to 15,000 coins every 12 hrs. And they’re literally everywhere on the map.

Edit: It’s every 24hrs not 12. Still…


More coins is always nice, as they’ve been taking coins away from us recently, slowly bit by bit so people don’t notice so much. So yeah more coins will always be welcome.


Are u sure it refreshes every 12hours? Wasn’t it supposed to be from 0.00am to 11.59 pm?

Yeah it’s definitely every 24 hours. Mine says 16.5 hours remaining right now.

It’s supposed to take time to level dinosaurs after a certain point. Coins are easy to come by though. Just hit every supply and event drop you see around you.


Yeah it’s every 24hrs. My bad

What they can do is make it easier to hit supply drops

Spinning it and then clicking on one item at a time is a waste of time


This actually something that bothers me a bit too. Sometimes the pageantry of it is a waste of valuable time


I use the supply drops, I’m not stupid. they don’t offer many coins either way.

I don’t know what to say. I need a week to get enough coins to get 2 or 3 dinos from level 15 to 20. Even though I have dna to get 23 dinos to that level right now, I can’t do it just because of the coins.

Coins are easy to get. Though last few lvl ups costs are ridiculous. This week spent 950k coins lvling Dioraja, Magna, Orion to 30 (from 29) and Lania to 29 (from 28).

Anyway, it’s not hard to get coins, just takes some time. Beside spinning drops, you can get coins for each win in arena (360 max. for each win), from strikes, coin tournaments. Also doing tapjoy offers, you can get cash, which can be used for buying coins. This is how I get coins.

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It’s all about playing the long game. If you had the coins to level them all up right now what would be left for you to do in the game? Pick the ones you want to get their first and do those. The others will wait.

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21,000 coins a day, seven days a week isn’t much? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Most people don’t have enough free time to spin that many stops, or maybe just aren’t lucky enough to get that many stops near them, so I’m guessing many players don’t actually collect that much from supply drops.

That said, I think the coin distribution in the game is fine. Supply drops arent great unless you manage to spin up to your limit every day. But the better strikes and tournaments give plenty of coins. Even donating DNA to your alliance can give you quite a lot if you have enough chances to donate.

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