Way to earn Tokens - Cashing in DNA

Here is a suggestion to Ludia as a way to earn boost removal tokens.

Dr Henry Wu needs a lot of DNA in his research in creating new hybrids of Dinosaurs. He burns through a lot in his experimentation which most often fails so he is always in need of more and is asking for your help.

De. Wu knows the high value of boosts and even more, the ability to remove these genetic enhancements from your creatures. So in trade, Dr. Wu has offered to give specific boost enhancement removal tokens for specific enhancements in return for a specific rarity of DNA.

Here is Dr. Wu’s offer:

  • 1 Health removal token for 346,800 Common DNA.
  • 1 Attack removal token for 116,850 Rare DNA.
  • 1 Speed removal token for 34,400 Epic DNA.
  • 1 Health removal token for 11,450 Legendary DNA.
  • 1 Attack removal token for 3,250 Unique DNA.
  • 1 Speed removal token for 1,000 Apex DNA.

This DNA does not have to be all of one creature and you can make payments till you reach the requested amount. Once Dr. Wu receives the entire amount, he will give you the boost removal token.

Dr. Wu’s cost is based on the amount of DNA it takes to take each rarity creature to level 30. He hopes this will give the incentive to get out and dart as he cannot collect as much DNA as he needs by himself and do his research. This will help Dr. Wu in making new hybrids.


this is a great idea. trading DNA for things. I wish there was some sort of other trade system in this game