Way to fix boosts

Refund everyone of money spent on boosts, refund them, keep them locked until you get a level 30 creature. Your current boosts will be refunded and saved until you get a 30 but nothing will change if you have a level 30.


I actually like this idea, that would make things way fairer for everyone in arenas lower than like Lockwood estates and aviary even.

No. It’s not going to happen, but if it did it would be terrible for the game.

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i love it, but ludia never does anything fun

I would propose another thing, so that the increases are even in the creatures that are used by the players, as an example: a Tyrannosaurus Rex can never be faster than a Velociraptor, and that is the problem, that with increases, anything can be fast Strong in attack and strong in defense, I would put limits on all creatures, so that they are not exaggeratedly increased.

Boosts in general need to be toned down but especially the speed boosts. Or lower the amount of total boosts available to use on one dino, for example we can currently put 30 boosts on one dino but a max of 20 in one stat, so lower the amount down to 20 boosts per dino and around 12-15 range max per stat

This would become a firewall that will block lower levels from advancing into new arenas

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restricting boosts to only lv 30 dinos ins’t going to help much of anything honestly. it’ll just make the gap between boosted and unboosted massive and near impossible to overcome. people won’t progress arenas when full teams of lv 30s with their boosts are there vs those skilled and lucky enough to get there with lvs below 30. it would also make lv 30 droppers that much more annoying for people when there is no way to deal with not only a lv difference, but a huge boost deficit.

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i recently put a post about limiting the arenas you can access when you get your 8th highest dino in dinodex to a certain level. this would mean if you have 8 level 30 dinos throughout your whole dinodex, you wouldn’t be able to go down to lower arenas, this would mean that unboosted and boosted wouldn’t play each other much unless you had level 30’s and chose to go unboosted.