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Way to Fix the Game and keep the Beaver's videos up!

Let’s think of a way to make jwa better, guys for the beaver’s sake. We could eliminate boosts and transfer them for a new type that isn’t broken or co-op or something. Maybe that new rarity idea made by someone and had something to do with chemical and was kind of similar to a legendary. ludia should take our ideas so half of its fanbase doesn’t leave the game.


Honestly I can’t see why he even bothers to upload anymore. He’s tired of the game, Pokefodder moved to Twitch (moaning about the costs of making a proper video more than paying attention to the game)… it’s dying.

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Remove boosts? How fast do you want JWA to be gone? Financially that would be ruinous to Ludia. They would be better off just stopping to support the game.

Ludia is stuck too deep in the boost meta to remove it. Even a mod to it that favours FTP will create a huge uproar. Look at Boosts 2.0.

Unless the player base is willing to spend more than what Ludia gets from boosts plus all the legal/refund costs, it is impossible for Ludia to justify literally taking million of USD and running at least in the eyes of the boosts for life crowd.

I suggested this and got flambed.

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The simple way to fix the game is to actually stop making it so “fair”. Stop resetting so aggressively every month, stop trying to control boost farming via AI timer length, stop having huge matchmaking ranges so players with a trophy gap of 400 or less can be matched. So a top 1000 player can be matched with someone in just into Gyro Depot.

Let the top players do their thing. Not cheat of course but pull away from the pack and be 1000 trophies away from the next 100 players. Encourage players to progress into Nublar Shores and create 1 more arena.


I’ll be honest, I still play the game because I’m addicted to unlocking new dinos, but I absolutely loathe the arena and tournaments for the same reasons as Beaver.

His comments about the rich getting richer and hogging all of the rewards are so true. This game is fully PTW and Ludia’s not even the least bit ashamed to sell boosts every day.

The difference between FTP and PTW is so wide that it’s pointless to try grinding for even scraps.

I play games to have fun and escape the stacked deck of life, not to experience it in a whole new way.

Since so many people are going to talk about fixing boosts, I’ll stay away from that topic. My wishlist item to improve the game would be to fix sanctuaries to actually be easier to use with smaller alliances, enough of this co-op stuff that involves complicated solutions to an easy problem.


Boosts are fine as they are, the key is figuring out how to best utilize them in accordance to what class your creatures fall under.

Tanks and anti-tanks are obviously best suited for high health and attack, low speed.

Jack of all stat types benefit from a relatively equal distribution of health, Attack and speed.

And of course the speedsters/glass cannons benefit more from low health, high attack and speed.

The REAL issue, as it has almost always been, is the DNG frustratingly, and seemingly, always rewarding the opponents with a lot of stuns, dodges and crits, and not giving a nearly equal amount to the other player. Too often does it feel like that 34% chance of the opponent bypassing the dodge is in reality a 100% chance of it happening. Too often does it feel like that 34% chance the opponent of the opponent not getting stunned is actually a 100% chance of the opponent not getting stunned. And then there are the times when the opposing Thor or Ardentismaxima gets three or four crits in a row before being brought down.

Boosts are here to stay, and while they shouldn’t be on sale as much as they are, but again, they aren’t the problem.

Edit: They also really need to get rid of advantage tournaments. If they want to keep the tournaments varied, they could simply have the tournaments based on their respective class types, hybrids only, non-hybrids only, only certain creature families being allowed, and so on.

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I just want some migration on map, area rotation, good event, soo boring when you watch the same dino in your map.


There is a tiny part of me that smiled recently. Beaver was very vocal about how we aren’t fighting real people in the arena.

Even after boosts came in he said they were at best copies of people’s teams and only in tournaments do we fight actual people.

I was hoping that emotes would force him to admit that maybe there are real people in the arena but he just sort of quietly turned them off.

What would it take?


Boosts are the issues. You know how frustrating it is to dino that has 10+ speed ON YOUR SAME DINO 3 levels higher? Just because I don’t want to spend money on the game. Let the players level up different creatures of different rarities to perform better than basically dangling this “ohhhhj you want to be good pay us this much and you’ll be good”


I’ve faced plenty of faster versions of the creatures on my team. I don’t find that as frustrating as failed dodges, stuns, or crits because a good strategy (regardless of the opposing creature’s immunity), and/or the plethora of available debuff abilities can render the difference in stats kind of moot.

The PVP arenas had these problems long before boosts were first introduced and unless the actual issue gets addressed, removing boosts is not going to change a thing.

There are many underlying problems but I think it was most prevalent today whilst battling that I almost threw my phone at the wall.

My Thor is NOT speed-boosted. At all. 10 heath/20 attack/0 speed

Its only job is to go in, get a good chunk of damage in and maybe even get a kill. It is perfectly okay for it to die to accomplish this. It’s a genuine trade-off. I refuse to play mind games with the precision of exactly how fast it is in comparison to other people’s creatures, especially other Thor users. Keep it simple.

However…there are some extreme abuse cases of circumventing that damage that make certain creature ABILITIES combined with boosts far more powerful than ever originally intended.

I fought an Indoraptor (G1, not G2) and crit with DSI, crit with DSR, and finally crit with IR. Sorry, Evasive Dodge let it live through all that. Too bad; so sad.

Despite the admittance of what my Thor’s purpose is in contrast to most people, pure damage boosts on one of the most attack-heavy creatures in the game should at least be able to kill something with a moderate SPREAD of boosts. If most of the boosts were on the Indoraptor’s health, I wouldn’t be upset. I would find that commendable and applaud the creativity.

However, they were not. This thing gave me Stegodeus PTSD flashbacks when it still had API and I wasn’t provided with my own in those match-ups. A tank that deals absurd damage shouldn’t exist unless there’s a weakness. Stegodeus doesn’t like bleeding just the same as Trykosaurus doesn’t, either. Tryko is also vulnerable to distracting so that’s always a plus. Indoraptor is IMMUNE to distraction and even stunning, though, so it’s got basically everything it needs because bleeding is almost entirely phased out in this immune-heavy meta and speed control is highly minimized barring very specific circumstances.

Evasive Stance RNG’ing it’s way through my literal, LITERAL best-case scenario (3 crits in a row for most possible damage) of how to play the match-up is inherently broken BECAUSE of boosts.

Indoraptor is supposed to tank SOME damage, not ALL the damage.


Nerfing CS’s speedup (or removing it) to stay for 1 turn would maybe be enough to balance Indo G2, as Beaver and many forum users said.


Boosts… Maybe a solution would be to change matchmaking so boosted users can fight only other boosted users, while unboosted can fight only with other unboosted users. Or maybe some kind of paid unboosted arena ticket, so Ludia still has profit and boosts haters (including me) are happy too. I can pay for that

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And exclusives, this poll shows what’s the community opinion on them No more exclusive creatures: Poll

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Removing boost wouldn’t help the game to be more fair to F2P players. With boosts or without boosts in most game aspects win top players, cause they have better teams. Of course, it right that those who invest most time/money get best rewards. Though constantly winning best rewards will make them hit the wall of dna limit once. They won’t need to compete for those rewards after they hit dna limit. All advantage tournaments awards dna, which is bad for longetivity of the game, unless they rise the creature lvls. Boosts won’t destroy the game, lack of goals to achieve for best players, will destroy it.

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I don’t always agree with some things you post @arugono but this right here is absolutely 100% spot on! :+1:

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I used to watch Beavers videos, they were sometimes ok, but when he insisted we never played real people I just grew tired of them. I haven’t watched one now for over six months, and to be fair I haven’t missed them at all.

I was staggered when Ludia invited him to see how things worked at Ludia some time ago, but I suppose there are a few people who do enjoy his stuff so as a pr exercise I guess they felt it was worth it. I don’t think they will be inviting over again after seeing this latest video though!

I don’t think Gaming Beaver adds anything to the appeal of the game, and I’m not sure he ever has to the more serious players. So although some of his comments make sense, the majority are just him venting about the same rhetoric as we do on here. Boosts, top players having better teams, top alliances all grinding tournaments etc… players who spend more, get more… the rich get richer… all very obvious statements. It’s a no brainer isn’t it?

Should we be saying that players who don’t buy anything should progress as quickly as those who do?
Should alliance teams that don’t compete in the tournaments get the same rewards as those who do?
Should those who grind battles for boosts not be rewarded for the grind?

Perhaps those who bemoan the rewards that hard work and effort promotes would prefer to just get a free incubators and free boosts in their inbox every day so they don’t need to bother.

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I see where he is coming from. However if somebody wants to spend £100 on HC to buy boosts, more fool them. I don’t get angry about it. It’s just life. Hopefully that money goes back into making the game better. That’s the way I look at it. The boosts clearly weren’t planned out very well in the first place, Hence all the rollbacks. He just needs to take a break from the game and refresh. The only problem I have regarding boosts is I feel slightly deceived. By that I mean Ludia stated we would be able to get a boost a week via playing. I haven’t done the math on opening incubators etc, so I could be wrong if that’s possible. I also recall they said they’d limit the sale of boosts. Well that didn’t happen. Lol


~Reads all this stuff~
So like… are we still going to be able to automate GB cash links for discord?

All ludia has to do is divide the boosts boosting by 2. So say 30 extra damage becomes 15 or to just reimburse everyone with their money like they are now with the boosts. It should be hard but not difficult because they can track the money spent on each account and more people will play this way.