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Way to introduce water Dinos

Iv been thinking about this for a while. Has anybody considered the possibility of water dinos as trap cards? Or finds that idea interesting?

Like mayby your only allowed one trap card per battle.

Mosasaurous - ups critical hit % by 30%
Ammonite - creates 30% shield for one turn
Plieseosaur - slows creature down and reduces attack by 30%
Dunkeleostes - increases atta by 200 points until swap.
Icthiosaur - stun lock opponent for 2 turns.

Ext… would people like this or prefer playable water dinosaurs


This sounds pretty cool imo. :+1:

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Tbh I would like both.


It add a little more dynamic to the battles. Just they’d have to be unlocked after reaching a high enough arena. So it doesn’t confuse newer players

This reminds me of Move exclusive Dinosaurs from Dinosaur King, making me love the concept even more!

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I’d prefer playable ones. Imo

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Could be interesting. Maybe have a separate aquatic arena as well as this? I wouldn’t mind.

Lol that’s why I thought of this to eliminate a second arena. I never played the other arenas in other Jurassic games

To be honest, I want playable marine animals.

I think we need a separate Arena for them though.

I would just like more dinosaurs and not stupid ice age mammals or aquatic creatures. There are plenty of other real dinosaurs to use in the game.

Yea there’s still a few I want! Would love to see albertasaurous