Way too grindy game

This game is so grindy omg i cant get a unique it is soooo hard to get cause I don’t like grinding and uniques are sooooooooooo hard and i verse lvl 23


If you do not like grinding, you might want to look for another game to play.

Unlocking uniques is the easy part. The real grind starts afterwards :slight_smile:


JWA is largely anout playing the long game. Grinding isnt as bad as you think as there are other asoects of the game to keep you occupied. I recommend sticking to it. Youll get there. Good luck.


If this post had been written before sanctuaries and alliance championships were a thing I could kind of get it. But now the game is so much more appealing to players who don’t like the grind that we had to endure when the game was launched. As I recall it was over nine months before I got close to getting my first unique and I love the grind!

I’ve seen players getting uniques within a couple of months now, and it’s quite feasible to see a whole team of uniques within six months or less if players really grind hard.


You aren’t kidding…

“Back in my day, we hiked to school in 6 ft snow drifts in the middle of 100° heat waves that turned asphalt into black jelly. Over 3 miles at that. By the time we got to school, our shoes were gone and we had to make that same trip again later that afternoon. 8 days a week!”

You youngins have it GOOD!

Basically I agree with Schtemty with this. Older versions compared to the newer cycles are like night and day in comparison to grinding for uniques.

It definitely helps to get in with a good alliance. And stick with them. That will alleviate some of your unique concerns. The rest is off course a mild grind.


How I see it its not that hard to get the uniques. The real grind is collecting the coins needed to level each dino up. And with Ludia’s stupid supply drop limit it becomes a pain to get the needed amount of coins for leveling up. Either Ludia has to lower the leveling up cost or get rid of the supply drop limit.

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If you can’t get a unique, join an alliance with decent rewards and wait a month. If you can’t do that, just dart more creatures, use sanctuaries, and go for rare and epic strike towers. You could also dart the legendaries and uniques they give out for free every once in a while. Even with all of this at your disposal, the game is supposed to be grindy. If you got progress too quickly, you would eventually have nothing else to play for and lose interest quicker. That’s why most progression-based online games are grindy, because the developers want you to play the game more.