Way too many indoraptors?


Is it just me or is every single opponent carrying one of these lizards in their rear pocket?


I hate how often I see them in battles. I never made one because I was focusing on my velociraptor and couldn’t spare the insane amount of DNA it required. And now raptors are so scarce at night, I’ll never be able to make an Indoraptor. I’m really not interested in using it though, or I-Rex. Giving up a turn for a gamble isn’t what I want to do. I beat the cloak more often than it beats me.


Indoraptor is the strongest dino honestly…even if you nullify the dodge get ready for the pain the next turn thanks to his super high base dmg on top of a 2x mulitplier that breaks shield, armor and crits more often than not :joy:


A velociraptor can drop it in 2 hits though if the dodge fails, and the Indo won’t even have a chance to attack. It’s a tough one for sure though when the dodge works.


All they gotta do is cleansing impact ya :man_shrugging:


If they cloak, they can’t cleanse until the raptor attacks twice.


Can someone screen shot the info and its moves… I want to drool at something that’ll take me wayyyy too long to get


Indo… stupid auto correct


More so eating the pounce and cleansing impacting off the start since raptor health is low enough :man_shrugging: then they have defense shatter for next lil friend


They never do that though. They always do evasive stance when they see a raptor. They’re probably afraid of me getting a critical hit and killing them in one pounce. And if they used evasive stance on my previous dino that they just killed, I’ll only bring in the raptor if it’s a 1-hit kill that they can’t cloak for.


Some people dont deserve their dinos not understanding mechanics :joy: i just today got my indom to 18 lol luckily my 19 gorg, 23 stegod and trag, stegocera carry the team


I rarely see Indoraptor. Indominus on the other hand are a regular threat but one that is quite easy to put down.


I dropped from 4550 to like 4400 earlier today cause i kept goin up against a dude with a 24 indo and erlik indom hybrid lol


You guys are incredible! I’ve seen you coming since peoples complaining about I-Rex! Is that topic was planned?


I got no issue with indom since he has a few counters. Indo just destroys if he dodges let alone
Crits. I did feel good 3 hitting one with my stegocera though :joy:


Big difference between a complaint and a statement.