Way too many taps required when opening chests

Please consider removing the extra taps required when opening a chest. The gamer really does not need to see and then tap EVERY single item they’ve received. Just present the summary screen with all the acquired goodies. Coins/diamonds are self explanatory. Cards that related to weapons or armour/clothing can just have a shucken version of the avatar in the bottom right corner, so that we know this weapon (for example) belongs to Saarvin. Then if the gamer want more information they can tap the card there to see more info, like we already do in the character’s inventory screen. Shared the code between screens game devs :stuck_out_tongue: . Less clicks equals smoother more immersive gameplay :smiley:


I agree with reducing unnecessary taps. I always thought defensive abilities where the activating hero is the only choice was a good example.

MFor example, counterattack. Only viable target for ability is the hero itself activating the ability. So why have us tab the ability and then tap the hero itself. There is no other viable target. My only guess is to prevent mistakes? Give you a second chance to reconsider. But even if there’s good reason to keep that extra tap, reducing unnecessary taps in general is a good idea.

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I get what you guys are saying and I don’t actually disagree that most would probably prefer that. Personally though I don’t mind the extra tap. It doesn’t actually take that long and I hate in other games when something goes by to quick and I am trying to figure out what it was

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I don’t agree with skills only require 1 tap, because of what you stated, mistakes can happen. I rather be it 2 taps.All skills require two taps, let’s keep it that way or else… seriously though, who knows how badly the devs will screw this part up, revising every little skill just to save about 1 second of work.

Further to this suggestion. You could still re-use the current card presentation animations, to pop them up, enlarged/zoomed in for a 0.5s, then have them “fall” onto the collection summary screen, automagically, one after the other. Some of these screens have 4-6 taps (at least thus far) and that can be reduced to just the 1 tap on Collect button on the summary screen, after all the animations have played out.

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As a minimum, the unnecessary taps during presentations should be removed.

Additionally, I again suggest it would be favorable to implement a player option [ie. toggle switch] which enables users to skip animations. While the animations are aesthetically pleasing they are painfully onerous and time consuming.