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Ways to get more food?

So I’m on a new mission, and, when I first read it, I could’ve sworn that it originally said “own 3 million food.” So yesterday I was grinding the food production a lot, and I traded one of my extra aquatics for over 2 million food and it went to 5 million but nothing happened. Then I went to the mission and now its saying “own 30 million.” Right now I’m almost at 6 million, but when one of the daily tasks is to spend 400,000 food each day, how am I supposed to gain 24 million more? Please let me know of any tips because this mission is going to take FOREVER…

You can hope that you get a good offer in the trade harbor soon. It happens from time to time that one gets great offers for food against coins. Be prepared and have up to 50mio coins available. And be patient, it can take a while, meaning weeks.


You can wait for something like that. I’ve got two of them in the last hours.

This is a common trade


Well after a lot a long week of waiting for good trades, and letting the animals starve for a while lol, I finally got it


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Daily packs give me like around 15,000 food at level 46. Right now I am grinding this game and I have noticed that my packs give 30,000 coins, 15,000 food, 105 DNA, 10 Dino bucks, and dinosaurs below rare( common and rare creatures) I am not sure if this is a glitch or if it is my fault but it would be nice if someone could reach out to me.

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