Ways to get XP


Am I crazy or do we only get XP for creations, evolutions and fusions?

Why don’t we get XP, even nominal, for spinning stops and extracting DNA?


That is correct.

It’s possible that Ludia will incorporate new ways of gaining XP in the future, but due to the emphasis on leveling up creatures to rise to higher tiers in the Battle Arena, the majority of player XP would still likely derive from leveling, creating, and fusing creatures. It provides a greater challenge for players, forcing them to work hard and save up coins to level up creatures (as well as your own account) versus visiting a boatload of Supply Drops…But yeah, I understand your frustration completely.

For the time being, however, I think the current system for gaining XP is functioning quite well–even if it frustrates players sometimes.


BTW you don’t get XP from fusing only when you level up the hybrids!


We receive xp as well when fusing dino, the only thing is that it is not added concurrently as when levelling up a dino, it will take a minute or so (just tried to level up an hybrid, immediate xp addition to my stats, and then fusing that added xp in my stats with some delay).

The other way to get XP is also when completing the target that Ludia add with one of the last update. Again, also this xp is calculate with delay, I even need to close the app and re-open it to see the XP grows on :sweat_smile:


This will not only tell you how experience is gained but the exact formulas that are used. And how much experience is needed for each level.