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Ways to improve tournament appeal each week

I have been thinking about way to change up the tournament set up. I personally prefer the skill tournaments over the advantage tourneys. Mainly, due to that fact that I see more parity in team builds when everything is equal. The Advantage tourneys go one of two ways, either you crush your opponent or you get demolished. So I had a thought to change up the tourneys to keep appeal every week.

  1. Tourneys go Saturday-Sunday, instead of starting Friday.
    a) load Friday up with raids other than just the Apex.

  2. Saturday is a Skill Tournament, Sunday is an Advantage Tournament

  3. You only need to get the 10 kills for alliance points like it is now.
    - can mix the kills between both days or you can do them all in one day.

  4. Trophies rewarded for a victory in the skill tourney would be +30 and -30 for a loss.

  5. Trophies rewarded for a victory in the advantage tourney would be +45 and -25 for a loss

I think this would keep the appeal from the tournaments. For those that dread getting crushed in the advantage tournaments can stay in the skill tourney, but at the risk of not gaining much extra trophies. The higher reward and lower risk for the Advantage wont affect those who already have their maxed out teams as much as it will those players that tend to tread water in the current set up.

What are y’all’s thoughts?


Nope,its good like it is,it would just make it more p2w due to advantage tourneys evry sunday

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Tourneys are fine as they are in both skill in advantage but there are some things Ludia can do for tourneys.
Balance out the rarities.
Seriously, they need to give variety and balance out the rarities rather than blast two rarities for months till end.
They could also make the other advantage tourney 2x for 4 month tourneys so we can still have a chance for T10 in 4 weeks (Yes T10 shouldn’t be a cakewalk and it should be A LOT of work to get to BUT it shouldn’t be impossible like how it currently is for 4 month tourneys, it’s freaking impossible to get T10 in 4 weeks.)

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that’s why its set up to where you only need the 10 kills for the entire weekend. Those that usually get crushed for 10 matches in the advantage tournaments now, could focus all their battles and kills in the skill part of the tourney on Saturday and potentially contribute more trophies to the alliance points. The players that will dominate the advantage tourney are the same people who dominate now, but those who will benefit more would be those people that have up and coming advantage teams that can string together a couple wins and finish with more trophies than they started with, instead of finishing in the same place they started.

I agree with changing up the team requirements, but just going between, rare, epic/common, legendary, and uniques, I would require a certain number of classes be present on the team. this would force some parity in the team builds, especially in the advantage side of the tourneys.

The requirements for the T10 rewards should be toned back a little on the short months or have an extra week of double points, like you said. My alliance doesn’t come near that level. More of starter alliance for people new the game or for casual players. For players like that in my alliance their contributions decrease significantly on advantage weeks. they don’t like playing when they get crushed every time. That’s part of my logic in providing a skill part to the tourney every week and an advantage part every week as well, to keep some motivation for the lower level players and present potential for faster progress with higher trophy reward for each win in the advantage and less for a loss.

I love 1-3 ideas

Sounds good. One thing though, maybe we can stop getting Unique Advantage Tourneys along with this

Thx,I hate it

I agree with most of the points you made since despite being level 20 for over a year I still get demolished in advantage tournaments this is a great idea for the players who aren’t pay to win since those players suck -_-