Ways to make JWA more FUN!

I’ve been playing since shortly after launch, and two of the biggest things holding this game back from its former glory were the introduction of BOOSTS and sanctuary exclusive DNA. Both have dragged this game down immensely and taken a game that was once FUN and reduced it to a shell of its former self.

Boosts have turned the arena into a pay to win nightmare, especially since they’ve been for sale in the store for the last two updates. In my opinion, speed boosts are the biggest problem, and have taken a lot of strategy out of the game. Players are free to boost their creatures speed to ungodly levels to gain the advantage and then it’s just point and click. Boom, one shot.

Exclusive creatures, even with sanctuaries, are a major problem as well. This is the top of the latest tier list from GamePress for 1.13:

As you can see, all three high tyrant hybrids require exclusive DNA, either Wooly Mammoth or Diplodocus. Plenty of creatures in low apex as well. For the strongest creatures in the game, you get to feed, interact and play with these creatures for a measly few bits of DNA. If you’re not in a dedicated alliance that can level up sanctuaries easily, this process takes MONTHS to gather up the DNA to just create these creatures, never mind leveling them up. The strongest creatures should be the hardest to attain, but this method just isn’t fun at all.

My solutions to these problems? Release all creatures into the wild, or at the very least include the exclusives in more weekly events. Over and over we are given the same creatures for weekly events, they hardly feel worth it anymore. Bring back the thrill of the hunt! Add some more variety to zones and parks.

As for boosts, sadly we have reached the point of no return for them. Too many people have invested too much real money into them at this point to remove them entirely. I would eliminate speed boosts from the game, and let players redivide their boosts on either health or attack. That way players still receive all the boosts they paid for.

Your thoughts, community?


I don’t mind there being creatures that are hard to create. But when it’s as many of the top creatures it starts to be a problem.

I would love for whole zones to migrate. And migrate more often. Especially right now. Every 2 weeks zone 1 turns to zone 2. 2 to 3. 3 to 4. And 4 to 1. Would be a great way to encounter other things.


I took a hiatus from the game for three solid months (after religious adherence to the game). I absolutely HATE boosts and I loathe sanctuaries as we know them. I started playing a little less than a month after the game launched. I was dedicated and spent quite a bit of money on the game…early. If I would have known that the game would be going the way it is, I wouldn’t have spent on a dime on it. IDC how much money people have spent… They need to get rid of the boosts. The sanctuaries can be improved, they’re not a complete list cause yet.


Exclusives, if we have to have them, should be that way for say six months but then go out into the wild.

As for sanctuaries, they are fine but the amount of dna you get from them needs to increase.


I think the Sanctuaries are fine as they are, maybe make them easier to level, because otherwise inter-alliance cooperation is practically the only way to get them to 20.
They are very good for slowly accumulating DNA, but I think they shouldn’t become a chore, so exclusives should be released now and then, if not permanently.


The problem is also that Ludia calls some creatures exclusive while really they’re more common than some nonexclusive epics. I’m talking about Blue and Diplo. We were able to dart them in many, many events. For Blue you just need a speedster event, which is pretty common. For Diplo you need a High HP or Swap In event, also not that rare. Not to mention that they were both dailies and Indo G2 was also dartable in some events. See, they’re not that exclusive. Unfortunately the fact that they’re not in the wild allows Ludia to make they hybrids insanely strong, which destroys balance in the arena

You know what dinos are real exclusives? Nasuto and Allo G2. They were in the wild for a very short period of time. After that, they were in very few events. Only recently Allo G2 was a seasonal reward
So Allo G2 and Nasuto are for sure more exclusive than Blue or Diplo. But somehow their hybrids are much worse. Carboto sucks. Cornibus is meh. Allor can be useful but there is no doubt that he’s much worse than Gemini or Indo G2. Where’s logic in that?

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I wouldn’t go as far as to take away boosters entirely I would take them out of the shop completely and resets to boosters how they used to be where it was increase by levels

@Dinosaurssss Yes, Yes, YES!! Zones should rotate every two weeks.