Ways to make this unique

  1. Because this game is so similar to Pokemon Go, i believe that the one thing that is going to make it shine in comparison is gonna be the battles. However, as of now, battles seem very repetitive as it seems there isnt enough variety in the dinosaurs as of now, so boosting the spawn rate a little would likely fix this.
  2. Maybe add items such as carnivore bait and herbavore bait that can be placed anywhere to attract each variety.
  3. Finally, i believe it would be interesting to add movement to dinosaurs on the map. Perhaps a wander radius allowing them to move, say, in a 25-50 meter radius. This would allow for a more realistic virtual world in which dinos actually move about.
    Any other suggestions? Let me know


Wow 3th is very good !


Yes, I agree with the movement of dinosaurs :+1: and I wanted to suggest it in a post, but then I forgot to write it :sweat_smile:, so I totally support your suggestion.

About the first one, I’m not so sure, battling in Pokemon is quite more boring because the defenders are always the same: Blissey (or something else that turns out that it’s best handled also with Machamps).


Being this game uses drones I think you should be able to have multiple drones. And send them on scouting missions to locate dinos in your area.


I agree, thats why im saying they need to do things with maechanics outside of battle that will end up making battles more exciting. For example, adding higher spawn rate of dinosaurs in the world, but making it so each dinosaur unlocks a special ability after lvl 5 for example. This battles will have more variation from moves


If the third one is easy to implement, I’d be super on board with that one as well.


I personally think that in battle you should be able to pick your own dinosaurs to use, rather than generating 4 random ones to use. You can choose your own in Pokémon go, so why not in this game.


Could we please have our caught Dino’s in categories?
Like the epic with red borders around them and rare with yellow borders so we know what they are without having to look at each individually??