Ways to make Vip actually worth it

We all have a few problems with VIP. We get an epic incubator, the map exclusives, but really what else? if the event is still to far away to reach from your house you will still have to walk or drive at some extent. And that doesn’t really work when we are in a, duh, PANDEMIC. what we need for VIP is to make it really worth it. Or, if you don’t, just get rid of it. It would be much better if all players were equal in all respects. But if you just plan on keeping it, i have a suggestion. When the events reset, or whenever you get on when they reset, all of the new events or the events you have not done yet will appear in your inner circle, and each day you get one choice of an event to do for free! This requires no walking or driving or leaving the safety of your home. you can only do this once per day. Non-Vip’s can purchase this for 500 darts. Also, we need to talk about the store. Maybe VIPs get everything half off? What do you guys think?

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i think this is great, but personally why should it be payed for 500 darts when you can buy 1,400 for 400 gold.

I mean it definitely makes vip worth it

free vip emote
Golden DNA in sunglasses
a “brag emote”

A gold incubator once a month would make it worth it

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As it currently stands it’s a fair VIP but it doesn’t offer enough incentive for many players. You get an Epic incubator the first time you set up as VIP but if you continue each month you should get another when the subscription renews. That way more people would go for it I think.


I feel that VIP, or spending money on the game for that matter, isn’t worth it. I would advise against this as you can easy work for an epic scent, use it, and get more epic dna than you would from an incubator. And, looking at JPB, Ludia can shut the game down at any second, and your money vanishes.

Most of the benefits seem to be things that you have to spend more money on in the store. But you’re already spending 20 bucks a month! That’s 120 dollars a year. For that much money, I’d need a LOT of incentives to buy it. The free Golden incubator every month would be nice, because that’s already worth more than the subscription if you were to buy it in the store.


Maybe they could give you an extra try on events? Like in an epic strike if you fail once, instead of having to spend 200 bucks on retrying, you get one free life? And also make the 6 hr incubator a “VIP” incubator so that you get additional resources or guaranteed rare dna plus a chance for epic