Ways to make vip better

First of all this is not a complaint, this is just something that I am suggesting. Idea number one increased daily rewards for vip’s

As of now this is the daily rewards, I have three ways to make this better for vip’s instead of interactions changing one of the days to 10 health boosts another day being 10 attack boosts and the last day of interaction being 10 speed boosts. Better incubators, what I mean of this is changing the common ones to the 3 hour rare incubators and changing the epic one to the 8 hour one. Lastly for the daily calendar being able to pick one of the dna rewards, 100 common if you pick DNA for a common, 50 if you pick rare DNA, and 25 if you pick epic DNA. Idea number two being able to skip the time to wait for an incubator, basically the instant hatch from JWTG but for incubators in JWA. My third idea, extra attempts for the weekly events, +4 common, +2 rare, +1 epic, legendary, and uniques. My 5th and last idea, just an extra dinosaur when you do a scent and it does the auto spawn. Feel free to leave feedback :slight_smile:


While I understand that vip members want to feel like they are getting as much as possible for their money, they already have significant advantages over the standard players as it is. Given the number of threads, posted by your fellow vip members in some cases, that point out the level of ptw advantage that already exists & the number of players that get to a certain point & quit upon realisation they are unlikely to be able to compete even against new vip members, I would argue that your suggestion is likely to result in the loss of an even greater number of such players, without whom there is arguably no game.

Well for vip users they can start by making daily rewards better, because what am i supposed to do with 300 coins?? :joy:

I’m actually not a vip I just had an idea that would benefit vip’s with the new update

Nothing but… you could use 300 real dollars to get 100 times that amount :smirk:

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VIP does get 50% more of each item. I have VIP and none VIP accounts.