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Ways to make VIP worth it

As VIP stands it’s not worth $10 a month it does almost nothing for you and is just a money grab here is a list of things that could be added to make the $10 a month worth spending.

Double the resources that you can get from the drops (instead of 15,000 coins a day it’s 30,000 instead of 40 bucks a day it’s 80 etc.)
As long as the drop is in your radius you can spin and get full rewards
At least a blue incubator once a month
More DNA per interaction in sanctuary’s

I would like this to be some level of discussion if you like these ideas or think they are incomplete let me know.


Considering the only real advantage to VIP before was the slight increase to range and increased battery (which had its own issues), VIP stands to be a joke and an insult at the price they’re asking. Adding any number (or all) of these suggestions would definitely go towards putting it back on the table for a few people, I’m sure.


These are pretty good choices maybe even make your collecting radius bigger (the small one ) to 50 or even 70 from 30

Higher chances for rarer spawns (like naturally spawned epics and better chances for finding Parasaurolophus Lux), that is all I have to say. :upside_down_face:

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Chip in a few stat boost reset tokens each month might help also me thinks.

That’s why i am not VIP

Yeah as it stands the stuff you get for VIP would be worth .99¢ a month